All About Volcanoes: a True Book

All About Volcanoes: a True Book


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Conditions on Earth are becoming more and more extreme and kids want to learn about it!

 Is it true that, at any given time, about 20 volcanoes are erupting somewhere on Earth? Yes! Sometimes volcanoes erupt with a big, dangerous bang. Other times they spit out lava so slowly that you could walk faster than it flows.


• How volcanoes form, when they erupt, and an account of the most devastating ones in recent history;

• A hands-on activity, a timeline, photos, diagrams―and how scientists are studying volcanoes and their impact on our planet;

• Surprising TRUE facts that will shock and amaze you!

 This new set in the ongoing A TRUE BOOK series will answer all of kids' questions about nature's most dangerous and destructive disasters! With an engaging layout, and spectacular photos, illustrations, diagrams and infographics, the past, present and future of extreme phenomenon happening on Earth will be explained. Readers will discover causes and consequences, as well as the cutting-edge science developed through the centuries to forecast them. First-hand accounts will bring science to life, and a special section will teach kids how to prepare for these extreme events.

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