Dino Riders How to Track a Pterodactyl Book #5


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Welcome to The Lost Plains!
A wild west frontier where dinosaurs never went extinct.

It's the end of summer and time for Trihorn Settlement's big summer party.  The best part? Josh's hero, Terrordactyl Bill, is making the grand opening speech!  But when a flock of pterodactyls descends on the townspeople, T-Bill jumps in to protect them...and gets snatched up and carried away!
It's up to Josh and his best friends, Sam and Abi, to brave Rocktooth Ridge, home of the fearsome pterodactyls, to rescue T-Bill from the flying dinosaurs' clutches.

This wildly entertaining new chapter book series for ages 7 and up features exciting illustrations and real dino facts! A great way to get kids reading. And don't miss the next book in the series: How to Scare a Stegosaurus.

Author:  Will Dare

Ages 7 & up

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