Learning Resources 3833 Beaker Creatures Monsterglows 5-pack

Learning Resources

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Learning Resources

Even more new Beaker Creatures to collect and discover! There are glowing, ghoulish creatures and smart science to be found within the Beaker Creatures Monsterglow 5-Pack. Drop your Reactor Pod in water to trigger the bubbling reaction, then discover one of 8 new collectible Monsterglow creatures. These mysterious glow-in-the-dark aliens have taken forms inspired by famous Earth monsters - you might spot a vampire, a mummy, a zombie, and more! Each collectible creature also comes with a mini-poster featuring a real-world STEM experiment; make your own creature launcher, drench your creature in slime, and more! The Reactor Pods found in the Beaker Creatures Monsterglow 5-Pack work with all Beaker Creatures sets, including the Liquid Reactor Super Lab, Bubbling Volcano Reactor, and more!

Ages 5+

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