Schleich 42458 Hannah's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog


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Hannah's friends, the Appaloosa mare and her foal, are visiting Lakeside Horse Farm, and everyone at the farm is helping them feel at home! This 20-piece toy set features the Appaloosa mare and her foal, a Ruby the dog figurine, and lots of accessories for limitless storytelling at Lakeside.

There are two new horses temporarily staying at Lakeside Horse Farm! The Appaloosa mare is visiting with her foal, and Hannah and her dog Ruby are helping them feel welcome. Hannah feeds them a few apples for a snack, then it’s off to the paddocks to meet the others.

This 20-piece playset from Schleich’s Horse Club collection is authentically detailed for hours of storytelling. A removable blanket and halter help the horses feel right at home, while the fence can be configured in multiple ways for limitless play. The gate opens and closes to let the Appaloosa and her mare in and out of the paddock. Ruby’s doghouse comes with lots of accessories – it even has a detachable roof to let the sunshine in.

Fun Fact

The Appaloosa foal heard the Horse Club girls have a secret hangout near Peppertree Woods. Where's your favorite place to hang out with your friends?

Age Recommendation
5-12 years


1x Appaloosa mare, 1x Appaloosa foal, 1x Ruby the dog, 1x dog kennel, 4x paddocks, 1x entrance gate, 1x foal blanket, 1x stable halter, 1x fruit box, 1x red apple, 1x feeding rack, 1x bucket, 1x boxtree, 1x bone, 1x stick, 1x dog bowl, 1x dog collar

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