Teeny Ty Garter

Teeny Ty Garter


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This black and green friend is not a frog. Our pudgy snake looks like a log. Garter knew he was in trouble when his friends, couldn't tell which side was his end. But what can we say They love him true. Just like this little snake will do for you!


September 16

  • Teeny Tys are perfect for travel-sized!
  • A lack of feet make it hard to get off the ground. Now you can carry Garter around!
  • Little friends for all your on-the-go snuggles
  • The same sweet expressions you're used to finding with Ty plush
  • Tiny pals for extra aww factor, it's a scientific fact!
  • Includes official Ty Heart tag with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
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