Top Trumps Match: Farm Pets Cube Game

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Did you know that pigs are smart enough to solve puzzles, and cows make friends for life? That’s why we think Farm Pets and TOP TRUMPS MATCH make for a winning combineigh-tion. The popular cube-matching game returns in this a-moo-sing new edition which features 25 character cubes with 15 animal designs including chickens, geese, sheep, rabbits and many more. Be the first to match five in a row of the same animal to win. You can also turn the tables on your opponent and snatch the match if you’re feeling (c)lucky: just flip over your TOP TRUMPS cards at the end of the round, and if one of your cards matches their line, you win instead. Guaranteed to delight animal lovers everywhere, there’s no “fowl” play involved here, just a little strategy and forward thinking. With its sturdy, portable carry case, you can play wherever you go, and put your friends out to pasture once and for all!

Key Features

  • The Crazy Cube Game gets a farmyard makeover!
  • Be the first to match five of your favorite animals in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • But wait! Can your opponent steal the game? Turn over the Top Trump card to reveal if they can take the match and win the game
  • Play with 15 of your favorite farm animals including horses, pigs and llamas
  • Easy to set up and pack away, TOP TRUMPS Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case - play anytime, anywhere

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