Wave of the Wand: A Cinderella Game

Educational Insights

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The Big Idea
Become Cinderella for a day! Players take turns flicking the Magical Wand Shaker and placing matching colored tokens on their castle cards. The first to fill her castle with tokens wins the game AND the “glass” slipper! 

Psst...They’re Learning!
  • Reinforces color learning and helps hone strategic thinking skills
  • Helps increase fine motor skills
  • Promotes sharing and turn taking
  • Helps develop social skills

Cut to the Chase
  • A magical, color-matching race to the castle, perfect for preschoolers
  • Includes Magical Wand Shaker, 3 colorful dice, 20 color-coded tokens, 4 Castle cards, and 1 “glass” slipper
  • Multilingual instructions
  • No reading required for gameplay!
  • For 2–4 players