Schleich 70792 Shadow Bat


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You'd rather not get too close to the Shadow Bat, because it looks pretty threatening with its black shaggy fur and the dark membranes of its wings. It knows that too, which is why it likes to circle close to your head. Its long fangs are also pretty scary, protruding from its huge snout like vampire's teeth. Let's hope it doesn't bite!

The Shadow Bat from ELDRADOR® is a creature of darkness. Its whole body is perfectly suited to getting up to no good in the dark. Its oversize ears catch every sound. Attackers have no chance to sneak up undetected. If they try, this bat is already prepared for any uninvited guests. It digs its claws into the ground and spreads its wings. If the enemy approaches, it takes to the air and circles around the attacker, swooping down to bare its sharp vampire teeth. Will things end badly for the visitors?

Age Recommendation 7-12

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