Schleich 42651 Hair Beauty Horses Chocolate


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Amazing! The additionally available hair sets can be used with all the Beauty Horses from schleich®. That's because these horses have interchangeable manes and you can also remove and change the tail. What they all have in common is that they are beautifully shiny and very lush. All you need to do, is come up with some beautiful hairstyles! What hair color will it be today?

There are no bad hair days with the Beauty Horses from schleich®. They all have beautiful shiny manes and thick tails. And the best part: both can be swapped out. There are so many different hair colors to choose from. It's not easy to decide with such a variety. But all hairpieces are perfect for styling and braiding. So we may as well start trying them out right away!

Age Recommendation 3-8

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