Schleich 70731 Ice Pop Unicorn


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A sprinkle of magic and a twinkle of imagination…a delicious enchantment is stirring in the secret gardens of BAYALA®. Colorful unicorn foals with curious markings frolic in the wooded groves. It’s the candy unicorns! Meet the newest addition – Ice Pop Unicorn! Available for a limited time.

  • Ice Pop Unicorn is one of 26 collectible unicorns that dwell in a hidden garden in BAYALA®. Each of these special unicorn toys has a distinctive marking inspired by fruits, flowers, or sweet desserts.
  • Sadly, the unicorn’s ice pop marking isn’t scented…that bright, fruity aroma you smell is just what happens when imaginations run wild with schleich®.
  • Ice Pop Unicorn and the other candy unicorn collectibles are perfectly sized for unicorn cake toppers, DIY unicorn dioramas, school projects and fairy gardens.
  • What if an Ice Pop Unicorn and a Lava Monster from the world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES were BFFs? Why not?! Imaginations, like unicorns, are meant to run wild.
  • Loves making an appearance at summer birthday parties, but pops up at winter birthdays and holiday, too.

  • Age Recommendation
    5-12 years

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