Schleich 98644 Advent Calendar Dinosaurs 2022


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The 2022 Advent Calendar from schleich® DINOSAURS is a mystery 250 million years in the making. Unearth a new dino surprise each day! Who will emerge from today's box? A Jurassic predator? A newly hatched baby dinosaur? Open the door to discovery this holiday season!
  • The 2022 DINOSAURS Advent Calendar includes five toy dinosaur figurines and 24 toys altogether to expand your schleich® DINOSAURS play world.
  • Comes with a Velociraptor toy, baby Stegosaurus toy, baby T-Rex toy, Archaeopteryx toy, and Saichania toy.
  • Each toy in the 2022 DINOSAURS Advent Calendar features the exquisite detail and realism that make schleich® toys famous worldwide.
  • schleich® dinosaur toys have seen it all…meteors, volcanos, pterodactyl attacks. Built to survive epic prehistoric adventures.
  • Enjoy 24 days of dinosaur-themed gifts for kids this holiday season with schleich®!

  • Age Recommendation 4-12 years
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