Hape E1647 Jungle Friends 40pc Puzzle


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Experience the thrill of the wild with our captivating wild animal puzzle set. Piece together majestic creatures and unravel nature's wonders.
  • JUNGLE ADVENTURES: This puzzle set includes ten exotic animal jigsaw puzzles in the shape of a zebra, giraffe, whale, panda, lion, tiger, monkey, turtle, elephant and crocodile.
  • BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE: As they complete the puzzles, children will learn to problem-solve and see the positive results of their hard work. This helps to build up their confidence and prepare them for tougher challenges in the future.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Junior puzzle solvers can start off easy with the two- and three-piece puzzles. Once they master the basics, they can move onto the larger and more challenging six-piece jigsaws.
  • DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: As children manoeuvre the puzzle and try to fit and match the different pieces, they’ll develop key skills like basic pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
  • LEARN ABOUT THE WILD: With exotic wild animals, this puzzle set provides entertaining learning opportunities about nature, animals and their different habitats across the world.

Ages 18m+

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