Hape E2004 Crayon Colouring Set


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Get to know your colours with this multipack Crayon Colouring Set. Match the crayons to the stickers, learn colour names and complete all sorts of other colouring activities that are included.

Mastering motor skills

Specifically designed to enhance the pincer grasp, this set aids in fine motor skill development, essential for tasks like drawing and writing to even buttoning clothes as children grow up.

Bonding in process

Designed for collaborative play, it's an ideal set for parents and children to explore colors and creativity together, strengthening bonds.

Montessori inspired

These crayons align with Montessori principles by offering multi-sensory exploration through colour and texture. These crayons are designed to be easy to grasp, while introducing children to different colors, promotes visual learning.

Ages 2-4yrs

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