Hape E3060 Super Stylish Hair Salon Set


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Time to unwind at your very own hair salon! Each durable element is made for budding hairstylists to let their creativity shine as they style their own trendy hairdos.

  • INSPIRING IMAGINATIONS: Children can engage in imaginative role-play as they take on the roles of hairstylists and customers, allowing them to explore their creativity and invent stories.
  • PROMOTING FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Using play scissors, combs, and styling tools helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children manipulate small objects.
  • LEARNING LIFE SKILLS: Skills developed through play, such as grooming and communication, can be applied to real-life experiences.
  • FEAR NO MORE: With this play set children can become more familiar with the processes of getting their hair cut which will alleviate their fear or anxiety when you take them in real life.
  • MADE FOR SMALL HANDS: Accessories are specifically designed with smooth, rounded edges, making them safe and comfortable for little hands to play with.
  • REALISTIC FUN: The hairdryer makes realistic sounds, giving young children an even more realistic and engaging hair-cutting experience.

Ages 3-5yrs

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