Mermicorn Island #2: Narwhal Adventure! Book

Mermicorn Island #2: Narwhal Adventure! Book


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Half mermaid, half unicorn, and totally adorable!


Sugar crusted sea shells! Lucky, Ruby, and the whole Fin-tastic Four are entering a very special baking competition with their new undersea bestie Nelia the Narwhal. Ruby really wants to win, and Lucky really wants to help her.

Lucky has a treasure trove of magical seashells and a special mission: Share the Magic. So that's just what he's going to do for Ruby, to help make her treats the best and biggest Mermicorn Island has ever seen. But Lucky might just have a whale of a problem on his hooves!

128 pages, 7.55 X 5.26 X 0.31 in

Ages 7-10

Klubhouse for Kids