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Oolichan Moon Hardcover Book

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Oolichan Moon is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about passing down traditional knowledge from Nisga'a Elders and the sacredness of traditional foods, particularly the oolichan fish.

Together, author Samantha Beynon and illustrator Lucy Trimble have created a children’s book rich with cultural knowledge and tradition that relates to their Nisga'a ancestry surrounding the oolichan fish.

With playful text and vibrant illustrations, young readers can learn alongside the two Nisga'a sisters as they are gifted with sacred knowledge from their Elders, passed down for many generations in the oral tradition.

A gorgeous celebration of Nisga'a language, history and culture, Oolichan Moon also includes historical and cultural information about the oolichan fish and related Nisga'a vocabulary.


Oolichan Moon is a wonderful story with such simple teachings for all of us. The oolichan were so important for many people of the rivers.
The long winter is over, and Spring is here and so too the oolichans return to feed and provide for the people. Today, we still fish for the Oolichan but like most fish of the river their numbers are low. This story teaches all of us that we must only take what is needed and that we should always give something back.

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