Ravensburger Cat & Mouse Game


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Yummy cheese! What a feast! Slide through the cheese and enjoy every bite. Watch out — Max the Cat is on the prowl! Which mouse can eat the most in this cheesy chase?

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Delicious cheese! Which little mouse doesn't want to collect most of the slices? Depending on which square the mice move to, one or two pieces of cheese may be taken from the supply. But be careful! The cat Max sneaks around the corners. If you don't pay attention, you can quickly get rid of your cheese prey. And sometimes the velvet paw is so cheeky as to hold onto one of the little rodents for a short while. Who will not be deterred, be the first to collect 5 cheese corners and win this magical dice running game? A happy game of fun for children from 4 years.


1 Cheese Game Board, 1 Max the Cat Mover, 4 Mice Movers, 17 Cheese Tokens, 3 Ladders, 1 Standard die, 1 Paws die, instructions
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