Schleich 14849 Flamingo

Schleich 14849 Flamingo


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Although the Flamingo from Schleich® WILD LIFE is a big bird, it can still fly. The chewing gum pink bird might need your help and a good run-up, but then it glides through the air like a pro! Its long pink legs make it a balancing master – whether in deep water or on a balance beam. A match for every ballerina.

Pink? Purple? No, definitely pink! That’s what color of the Flamingo from Schleich® WILD LIFE. At first, before it is fully grown, the feathers are still gray. Then they turn this chewing gum pink from the shrimp that it loves eating. Preferably for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even with a full belly, our exotic wild bird can fly well as long as it has a good run-up. It can also balance incredibly well on one leg. No gym lessons required! All the other birds always want to be photographed with it. What about you?

Fun Fact

In water, flamingos usually stand on one leg so that both feet don't get cold.

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Phoenicopteridae
  • Global Home : Asia, Europe, North America
  • Conservation Status : Least concern
  • Primary habitat : Sea, Coastline, Wetlands
  • Dimensions
    2,17 x 1,34 x 3,5 inch (W x D x H)
    Age Recommendation 3-8 years
    • Schleich® playsets and figurines inspire children to play imaginatively and freely. Even the experts agree!
    • The Schleich® figurines are modeled in detail and look almost exactly like their animal models. Also perfect for educationally valuable play.
    • This item is part of the WILD LIFE theme world and is suitable for children aged 3-8.
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