Schleich 70155 Swamp Monster


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The Swamp Monster lurks in the underbrush, camouflaged in the thick growth of the jungle. Watch your step! The fearsome beast likes to snap with its long fangs and movable jaws or to lash out with its spiky tail. Let's get out of here fast!

Watch out! The Swamp Monster is lurking in the swamp and you can see immediately it's not here to make friends. It has a pretty large mouth. I wonder what will get caught between those long fangs next! It may well end badly... But the Swamp Monster also has a spiked tail to defend itself. One blow from it can easily knock out any opponent. And the cleverest thing about the Swamp Monster is its ability to blend into the background, as it is perfectly camouflaged with its green scales. There are even lianas on its back, making it even harder to spot. If you are not careful, it will jump out and surprise you in the swamp. One snap and you're dinner, so watch out!

 AUTHENTIC DESIGN. In the clash between the worlds of Eldrador, the Swamp Monster is a fierce creature with a nasty disposition.
• QUALITY YOU CAN SEE & FEEL. Hold a schleich® toy in your hand and you'll feel the difference - these toys raise the bar on quality.
• BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED. Every glistening scale and menacing claw makes you feel you're part of the action.
• MONSTER GIFTS FOR KIDS. A perfect gift for kids with giant imaginations - let their imaginations run wild!
• TOYS FOR KIDS AGE 5 AND UP. This schleich® product is part of the ELDRADOR® CREATURES theme world and is suitable for children ages 5 and up.

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