Schleich 70156 Magma Lizard


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Every time the Magma Lizard opens and closes its massive jaws, even the fiercest predators run away. With scales on its back that look like hot flames, the Magma Lizard looks as if it just climbed out of a volcano. Don't mess with the giant lizard from the Lava world!

Its yellow eyes look mean and know no mercy. Although the Magma Lizard looks like a fiery creature, it actually has a heart of ice. Anyone who dares to disturbs it is greeted with a sinister snort from its powerful snout. If that's not enough, it opens and closes his jaws in warning. You can even see its thick, yellow tongue. No one wants to get too close to the Magma Lizard. That would be much too dangerous. You might burn your fingers on the transparent fin of flames on its back!

Packed with Detail. Like all schleich® toys, the Magma Lizard is scorching with detail"...from the flamelike scales on its back to the burning intensity in its eyes.
• Movable Jaw. The Magma Lizard is famous for its white hot temper" snap of its movable jaw and enemies retreat.
• Toys Designed for Storytelling. A schleich® toy in a child's hand is a portal into a world of imagination, where stories burst from every corner.
• Collect 'em all! The Magma Lizard is part of the Eldrador Creatures play world from schleich®, where the Lava, Stone, Ice, Jungle, and Shadow realms are in constant conflict.
• Reptile Gifts for Kids. Celebrate the kid who loves lizards, reptiles, and other slithering critters -- perfect for stocking stuffers, birthdays, and special occasions.

Age Recommendation 7-12

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