Schleich 70157 Battle Rhino


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With a thunderous charge, the Battle Rhino from the Stone World rumbles into the Eldrador Creatures collection. Let the battle ensue! This armor-encrusted combatant is ready to join the clash as your toy battles rock into high gear.

The Battle Rhino stomps through Eldrador with its ten-ton body. It doesn't look like it as much of a sense of humor, either. Small eyes narrowed, this fighter has a mean glint in its eye. It knows exactly if you are planning to challenge it and will not hesitate to attack. The Battle Rhino looks like a rock that isn't going anywhere fast. But that impression is misleading! When it gets really angry, it can turbo-charge, taking a run-up and threatening its opponent with its dangerous, transparent horn.

Packed with Detail. Like all schleich® toys, the Battle Rhino is rippling with detail"...from its stone-crushing battle charge to its rockin' armor.
• Movable Head. Keep your head on a swivel, because this battle-ready rhino has a movable head to seek out its next victim.
• Toys Designed for Storytelling. A schleich® toy in a child's hand is a portal into a world of imagination, where stories burst from every corner.
• Collect 'em all! The Battle Rhino is part of the Eldrador Creatures play world from schleich®, where the Lava, Stone, Ice, Jungle, and Shadow realms are in constant conflict.
• Monster Toys for Kids. Perfect for kids who want to have fun, wage epic toy battles, and maybe learn about animals along the way.

Age Recommendation 7-12

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