The Last Firehawk, Books 1-5: A Branches Box Set

The Last Firehawk, Books 1-5: A Branches Box Set


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Action, adventure, fantasy, and magic come together in this exciting, fast-paced early chapter book series -- this box set is perfect for the newly independent readers!

 Pick a book. Grow a Reader! This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

 This box set include books 1-5 in The Last Firehawk series. Young readers will love the quests, battle scenes, and magic in this action-packed series about Tag, a small owl, and his friends Skyla and Blaze, who fight against the evil vulture, Thorn. In book one, The Ember Stone, Tag and his friends begin their journey to find the magical Ember Stone. In book two, The Crystal Caverns, they travel to icy caves, and in book three, The Whispering Oak, they must cross the tornado-filled Shifting Sands. In book four, Lullaby Lake, they travel to a magical underwater kingdom.. and finally come face-to-face with their enemy! And in book 5, The Shadowlands, they must cross the dangerous Shadowlands, where Thorn's spies hide behind every corner.

 This fully illustrated series, with artwork on every page, makes a great introduction to fantasy and quest stories for younger readers!

Ages 6-8 yrs

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