Timmy Ties Up Book

Timmy Ties Up Book

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In Timmy Ties Up Timmy pulls a load of dynamite from James Island up to Howe Sound. By now Timmy has been towing cargo up and down the coast for 70 years. He is not as young as he once was. As Timmy approaches Howe Sound a fuel line breaks in the engine room and causes a fire. The Coast Guard manages to separate Timmy from the barge load of dynamite and Olly the Octopus helps put the fire out.

Captain Jones decides that Timmy is too old to work. The Ratty Renovations company is called in to fix the fire damage and convert Timmy into a comfy retirement home for Captain Jones. Although he is deeply exhausted, Timmy is sad to be leaving his working life.

When Timmy is all fixed up Captain Jones takes him to a small bay on one of the islands and a huge party is planned. "By early afternoon the guests started arriving. There were the Otters, the Whales, the Octopi and, of course, squadrons of Seagulls. Rackety Raccoon brought along his local band, and deer from the island woods came to watch, along with seals, squirrels and an old owl who perched on Timmy's funnel; even some children from a boat anchored nearby came and joined in the dancing."

The Timmy the Tug series (Timmy the West Coast TugTimmy and the Whales and Timmy and the Otters) continue to be bestsellers around the world.

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